Katahdin Stream Falls - Aaron Priest Photography

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Katahdin Stream Falls

10096 x 15144

Katahdin Stream Falls is an 80ft waterfall located on Hunt Trail, the last leg of the Appalachian Trail, on Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine. It is about a 1.2 mile hike from Katahdin Stream Campground.

This panorama is stitched from 150 original images. I had repacked my backpack from shooting timelapses the night before and forgot to grab my case of filters, so I didn’t have a 10-stop neutral density filter for really long exposures. I didn’t want to go smaller than f/16 due to diffraction, and the longest shutter speed at ISO 64 was half a second. So I used the in-camera multiple exposure feature and combined ten 0.5 sec exposures for a simulated exposure of 5 seconds. I repeated this 15 times for each frame of the panorama. The stitched image is 42 x 63 inches, without enlarging!

Camera settings: 70mm, f/16, ISO 64, 10 exposures of 0.5 seconds for a simulated 5 second shutter.

Stitching data: 3 rows of 5 images x 10 exposures for a total of 150 images.

Equipment used: Nikon D850, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8, and Really Right Stuff TVC-34L tripod & pano/gimbal head. In-camera multiple exposure, RAW conversion via Lightroom, aligned via PTGui, and manually blended via masks in Photoshop.