100 360 2011 2014 2015 10738 10748 19283 27817 227072 238724 239126 239264 239280 239283 239290 239305 1424mm aaron priest acadia acadia national park access road afternoon air glow airglow airplane allagash wilderness waterway altair america american american flag andromeda architecture artist's bluff astronomy astrophotography atlantic aurora aurora borealis autumn back field back yard bald mountain bangor bangor water works bar harbor beach beehive lagoon behind the lens behind the scenes big dipper blue boat boat launch bold coast boulder beach boulders breakwater brewer bridge bruce neumann cadillac mountain cadillac mtn camping candles cannon mountain capella carriage road cassiopeia chamberlain bridge chris georgia christmas christmas lights cliff clouds coast coastal coastline constellations cutler dan miles david francis dawn downtown dslrdashboard eagle lake eastern maine medical center echo lake eclipse fall field fire fisheye fishing fog franconia full full sky garage garrett evans geminid green group hdr hiking homepage hunter's beach hunter's brook ice jon secord jupiter karen king kenduskeag stream lake landscape landscape astrophotography lee light painting lighthouse lightning lights lily bay lincoln little long pond little planet long exposure lubec lunar lynda appel maine mallett hall marshall point matthew parks merchant's plaza meteor mike lawie mike taylor milky milky way millinocket modinebenstead observatory moon moonlight moosehead lake mount desert island mountain mountains mt. katahdin mt. kineo neoc new england new england outdoor center new hampshire night night photography night sky nightscape noctophotography north bay northern lights observatory ocean ocean path orange orion otter cliffs otter cove otter point outdoors panorama park parking penobscot river people perseid perseus photographers pickering square pleiades pool port clyde portal purple quakish lake racine astronomical society rays reflection rise road rocks rocky round pond rye sand sand beach schoodic shadow shore shower sirius sky snow spencer bay spherical spinning spring square star star trails stars startrails state park steel wool summer summer time summertime sunday pond sunrise sunset surf telescope telos lake telos road tenting theta360 thunderstorm tide timelapse trails tree trees twilight ultrawide union grove united states usa vega venkat pakala venus vincent lawrence vortex wallis sands water waves way west quoddy head light wharf wide wide angle wilderness winter winter harbor wisconsin workshop zoom

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