Bold Coast, Cutler, Maine - Aaron Priest Photography

On the weekend of 2013-09-06 to 09 I met up with Chris Georgia, Garrett Evans, Jared Blash, and Mike Taylor to spend some time camping and shooting the night sky along Maine's Bold Coast. 

Click the preview photo to explore a virtual tour of the places we visited along Maine's Bold Coast.

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Cutler Harbor

I took this 1.2 gigapixel panorama of Cutler Harbor and Little River in Maine on September 9, 2013, 4:00 – 4:18 PM with a Panoneed robotic panning head. It is stitched from 198 photos of 33 columns x 6 rows with PTGui Pro and covers just over a 150° view of the harbor from Destiny Bay Road. Hyperfocal distance at 200mm f/13 is 345 feet away and everything from 173 feet to infinity should be sharp, but I also wanted to be able to zoom in to almost 100% in a gigapan which is more critical than most distance calculators strive for. I’m not good at guessing distances, and I didn’t have a laser rangefinder with me either, so I focused on a boat half way between the closest one and the shore and hoped for the best. I took a few quick sample photos to be sure the closest boats were still sharp enough and was pleased with the result. It was a little windy and I couldn’t use a longer shutter speed without the boats blurring from movement. I set a 35% overlap between photos to have a little more to work with for blending waves and moving clouds.

Camera settings: 200mm, f/13, ISO 200, 1/160 second

Stitching data: 33 columns x 6 rows. The finished panorama is 62,112 x 19,240 @ 240dpi or 21.5’ x 6.68’ if printed full size.

Equipment used: Nikon D700, Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II, Panoneed robotic head, Promote Control, and Really Right Stuff TVC-34L tripod w/ leveling base. RAW conversion in Lightroom, stitched with PTGui Pro.

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