Katahdin Stream Falls - Aaron Priest Photography

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Katahdin Stream Falls

Here is some slow motion video from the Nikon D850, taken October 14, 2017 on a rainy, overcast day.

The audio I recorded and mixed separately with a Zoom H2N recorder because the Nikon D850 doesn't record audio at all in slow motion video mode. The first two clips were shot handheld with a little stabilization added in Premiere Pro. The camera was set to capture at 120fps, but saves the video file at 24fps so everything appears 5x slower. I was actually moving the camera quite fast to keep up with the flow of the water. The last sequence was locked down on a tripod so I could add the CC Wide Time effect in After Effects to simulate a longer shutter speed than you could normally get with video. No other color correction or exposure adjustments have been made, it's right out of camera!