A friend showed me this moss-covered rock in Lee along a little brook. I won’t disclose the exact location because it is on private property and we had the land owner’s permission. I had to come back to take photos at the right time of day and weather because I wanted to capture an entire 360°x180° spherical panorama. It turned into quite a project to stitch though as I took 510 photos of the scene for a highly detailed HDR panorama and the leaves moved quite a bit in each frame being that close to the lens with a slight breeze. Below is the final interactive panorama. Click the preview image and pan/zoom around with your mouse and scroll wheel, or use the buttons at the bottom. Gyroscope mode works on most mobile devices too, but if it makes you queasy you can disable the feature with one of the buttons and pan with your fingers. Disabling auto rotation helps if the gyroscope is enabled. There is lens flare if you look up at the sun and directional sound of the brook as you pan around. Have fun exploring!

For the curious, I shot this with a Nikon D700, Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G ED, Really Right Stuff PG-02 Pro Omni-Pivot Package, and a Promote Control. My settings were 24mm, f/8, ISO 400, and nine 1EV exposure brackets of 1/400 to 0.6 second shutter. I shot three rows of twelve columns, plus a few more shots of the nadir and troublesome areas where the leaves were a few inches from the lens and moving in the breeze to help with stitching later.

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