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Penobscot River Bridge

Lincoln, Maine

May 9, 2013

I took these photos of the bridge over the Penobscot River on the Access Road in Lincoln, Maine at night (1 to 2hrs after sunset). Most of them are 1 to 3 minute exposures taken with the Promote Control. I waited for traffic to drive along the bridge to catch the headlight reflections and chose different white balances to get the differences in color you see here. There was a slight break in clouds for a couple minutes to get a few stars in one photo, but otherwise it was overcast and the sky reflected the lights of various businesses in Lincoln, Chester, and along the Access Road.

The portrait photo of the bridge in a “fog” was sort of a double exposure where I tipped the Panoneed robotic head straight up after exposing the bridge for 24 seconds and shot the tops of the trees behind the camera for the remainder of the exposure (another 48 seconds or so). This resulted in a washed out look of the bridge like it was in a fog. Since it was so dark (no cars on the bridge and no stars in the sky), there is no smearing or ghosting of objects that were not exposed for at least 10 seconds, meaning I could move the camera during an exposure if I did it quick enough.

Click the preview photo to explore the interactive 360° panorama.

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